October 2017

Dear HoloCom Inc,

  I'm writing this letter to thank you for your assistance with our recent trade show demonstration in Shanghai, China. Using HoloCom's software, we were able to demonstrate our ALICE product without having to expose our technology to the potential security risks and physical damage of international shipping.

  The ALICE Robot (pictured below) weighs over 1200 pounds and is a very delicate and precise machine. In production, it must be run in a class 10,000 clean room. It's primary use is the production of high level security patches and Holographic threads that are used in currency. When used for the production of high security origination ( Currency, Secure IDs, Passports ) it must also be protected by limiting access and in some cases with armed guards. For this reason, it is very difficult to demonstrate the technology. Shipping the ALICE to China would have been out of the question.

  With the HoloCom's VR environment we able to show a 360 degree view of the machine in operation. We were able to show detailed views of the ALICE while protecting the proprietary parts of our technology. This was an ideal situation. With Virtual Reality there were no dangers. We demonstrated the full workings of ALICE as a detailed 3-dimensional Hologram at a level of reality only obtainable by the Microsoft HoloLens.

  Ken Harris CEO

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