This is the dashboard
  • From 'My Stuff' you can access your own saved backgrounds and holograms.
  • In 'shared' you can select and view at all types of backgrounds that have been shared publicly.
  • By selecting 'Invite Guests' you will be sent to a screen that will allow you to access a link code for your guests
  • You can also link in with someone by selecting 'Link with Someone' and inputting their access code.

This is an example of a 'My Stuff' folder, you can make your own folders or save your holograms and backgrounds on the surface of the 'My Stuff'.

This is an example of a 'Shared' folder. the head folder is labled 'Italy to Sicily', 360° backgrounds can be loaded onto your 3D headset, they are free and you may move them into your own 'My Stuff' folder.

Connected users appear in the top-right, the 'Link Code' in the green box can be given to those who wish to join the chat.